Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Solar System Climate Change?

The polar ice caps are shrinking. That would sound like a headline on Earth but it would also appear to hold true on Mars.
In a recent article on the National Geographic website, it would appear that Mars is also undergoing a general warming episode as well - the polar ice caps are shrinking on Mars, suggesting that it is warming up. Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of space research at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia has observed this effect but has been attacked by the mainstream saying that he is discounting Martian orbital perturbations etc. If only these same scientists would be so diligent in discounting other effects on Earth as well.
Another interesting note from an article from a few years ago on the website points out that Pluto is also warming up - in spite of the fact that it is currently moving further away from the Sun.
In other climate news, Jupiter is developing a second red spot, which implies climate change on Jupiter.
And finally there is evidence that Triton, a moon of distant Neptune also appears to be warming up.
Now I am not a climatologist but when 1 body undergoes climate change, you look for a local effect, when 2 bodies simultaneously undergo climate change, this could be a coincidence, when 3 bodies in the same solar system undergo climate change, we are stretching the coincidence but when 4 bodies simultaneously undergo climate change (that we are aware of), then coincidence seems more than a little contrived. Now I'm willing to believe that there could be some weird statistical effect occurring here but Occam's razor implies that we look at what all these bodies have in common. And the simplest answer is that the Sun is getting hotter.

Must be all those damn SUVs on the surface of the Sun.


Anonymous said...

As you said you are not a climatologist! ;)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm... very interesting but why all of the planets are in climate change at the same time???

Tom Ellis said...

Nobody ever doubted that climates change on all planets, all the time. It is a matter of the rapidity of the change, and the direct correlation of a historically unprecedented spike in global CO2 levels over the last 200 years with the Industrial Revolution on one hand, and with the simultaneous global collapse of glaciers and ecosystems on the other. What part of this correlation do the climate change deniers not understand??

Anonymous said...

To Tom Ellis, Just another fear monger of how we are destroying ourselves, go figure. Wall Street, and the Gov. are doing more damage to the citizens than we'll EVER be capable of. Oh yeah that's right you're a practicing buddhist, and sadly enough an educator. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you're a liberal as well.
Since you are an educator do your homework, and see for yourself that there are storms, and temp. increases on all of our solar system planets, and guess what--there aren't any SUV's on any of them. AIMHO. What part of the bigger picture do you not understand?