Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dispatches from the future caliphate

The ever- incisive Theodore Dalrymple brings us his analysis of recent capitulations to Islam in Italy and Scotland, of all places. The example of pro- Muslim sycophancy in Scotland is so jaw- droppingly craven that it reinforces my determination to walk up and down the street during Ramadan eating a foot- long submarine sandwich with all the trimmings -- after all, what's the point of a Muslim's having to fast if he isn't going to suffer a little for the sake of his faith? By stuffing my face in front of his, I will only increase his virtue in the eyes of Allah.

Update: In my round- up of European spinelessness towards the Religion of Peace, I forgot to mention the item about the Catholic Bishop of Breda in the Netherlands, the improbably- named Tiny Muskens, who has suggested that the faithful ought to pray to "Allah" rather than to "God" -- since it's really the same thing in the end and, you know, it would serve as a gesture of goodwill towards those notoriously touchy Mohammedans. Needless to say, these futile and extravagant "gestures" only ever go in one direction. In much of the Muslim world it isn't safe to worship as a Christian at all, whatever name you choose to call God; and yet it is always the Christian West that feels the need to make concessions in the name of religious tolerance. Our muskens are tiny indeed.

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