Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Putting the boot in

In my last posting I discussed conspiracy theories surrounding the recent failed terror attacks in the UK, but I forgot to mention that although these are prevalent about the incident in London they're rather less so about the one in Glasgow. Perhaps it strains credulity too much to believe that agents of the British government would volunteer to crash a burning car into an airport, set themselves on fire, and earn a beating from passing Scotsmen.

Speaking of which, I was very pleased to hear of the aggressive reaction that the would-be attackers met with. It looks as if the Scots still have some fight left in them; at any rate, the ones at the scene didn't fall victim to the blind panic and passivity so many civilized people react with when they are confronted by violence. Here are a few choice eyewitness accounts from the event:
"Well, aye, I saw him running for the polisman, and I thought, 'hoo no ye don't' so then I ran over and tackled this Asian chap."

"It's a good job I wis ther! This gentleman was on fire, so I tackled him with a jab o' my airm, then these other guys got intae 'im."

"Aye, I knew there was gas in the car, it was making these popping sounds, you know like when you chuck a can of deodorant on a bonfire, like"."
Robert Burns had it right: "what a parcel of rogues in a nation!"

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