Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A pox on both your churches

Nothing new here: the Pope has reiterated in a recent statement the traditional Catholic belief that the Protestant denominations, having broken with the mythical "apostolic succession", cannot possibly be considered as true churches in their own right. Despite being a Catholic church- goer myself, I can't help at this point (thanks to my east Belfast heritage) hearing in my mind an Ian Paisley-ish sort of voice intoning : "Yon Paypust church is the hoare of Babylon, aye, thay abomination named in Revelaytions..."

And I find that I can only resolve this cultural and ancestral conflict by realizing that both the Catholics and the Protestants are drunk on power and the hatred of each other -- and by concluding that Jesus himself would have had nothing whatever to do with either of them.


David said...

Your problem is: truth exists. And it's not on the pope's side.

Neil said...

What a woefully cryptic comment. Care to expand on it a little? My problem, as you put it, is with those who refer either to an institution run by fallible human beings or to a book written long ago by fallible human beings as containing the ultimate revelation of God. Catholics and Protestants alike make the mistake of hubristically conflating their own prejudices with the ultimate truth of the universe. I don't deny that truth, or more accurately truths, do exist; I'd only say that they are mostly unknown to us at present, just as the speed of light or the structure of the atom were at one time unknown to mankind and waiting to be discovered.