Tuesday, July 3, 2007

All this, and she's Catholic too

Now that Tony Blair has left office, one of the retrospectives being offered by the British press details the fads, quackeries, and delusions embraced by his wife Cherie over the past ten years. It looks very much as if no New Age nostrum to come down the pike was too absurd to escape her. Bear in mind that Cherie Blair is a highly trained lawyer and judge, which only goes to show that education and skill in a particular field are not always correlated with a high level of intelligence or critical insight. (Needless to say, Tony doesn't get off lightly here either; the thought of the leader of a major democratic power smearing mud and papaya over himself after being "rebirthed" in the jungle makes me very nervous for the future of the West, although I can't say it's all that much worse than his reading the Koran every night before bed).

There seem to be few surer ways of making money than playing on the credulousness of affluent, semi-educated, middlebrow women going through what New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast calls "the goddess years".

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