Sunday, June 10, 2007

Your tax money hard at work

(C) 2007 Rajeev Dutt

In case you wonder where your tax money is going, the BBC has reported that the UK government commissioned a study to examine the legal rights of robots. The conclusion? Robots could ask for welfare benefits and they will place a strain on our resources. On the plus side they could also pay taxes.

Considering the furor over immigration, we can just anticipate the outrage over cheap robot labour - just you wait. These robot scroungers will come in and steal your jobs and place a burden on our welfare system. Damn the machines!

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Neil said...

You jest, but there is a real danger that a sudden influx of robot hookers will seriously undercut the home- grown prostitution trade, with "the jobs that Americans won't do" in that industry becoming technically unfeasible for carbon-based life forms.