Friday, June 8, 2007

Welcoming our new overlords

The travel website "Time Out" tugs its forelock to the impending domination of Islam, arguing that life in the majority-Muslim London of the future will be ever so much better than it is now. The author of this obsequious drivel, one Michael Hodges, plays it safe by giving Islam full credit for its achievements (such as its overrated artistic heritage, now rapidly receding into the medieval past), while blaming the problems of its adherents (such as their lack of education) on the racism of the dirty kuffar.

Hodges also tries, in a traditionally puritan-Left way, to argue for the superior health of an alcohol-free populace subsisting on what he calls a "south Asian" diet. Leaving aside the fact that life expectancy in the West is already greater than that in the Islamic countries, the argument being made here is that we will all be better off for having our personal lives and tastes micro-managed by some religious authority; this is exactly the same line of thinking of Christian theocrats in the US, who presumably the author would find much less congenial. I wonder: why did we bother having an Enlightenment at all, if we were only to re-submit ourselves in the end to the ignorant edicts of clerics? Does Hodges have any worries about the state of civil liberties in any country where the consumption of alcohol and of certain foods is forbidden by law? Does he feel a twinge of regret at the thought of the passing of Europe's rich wine culture, or of the incredible richness (non-halal, alas) of the cuisine it already possesses? Apparently not.

The last paragraph about there being no racism under Islam is merely laughable: just ask any African working in Saudi Arabia, or South Asian working in Dubai. But then, Hodges is notably careful to avoid discussing life under Islam as it already exists in Muslim countries across the world. He wisely refrains from openly attempting to persuade us that London's noblest aspiration is to become more like Jeddah or Tehran, rather than remain the chaotic and cosmopolitan world-city it is now.

Please God, I hope this article is a parody. But I very much fear that it isn't. There are those in the West who hate their own civilization so much that they've done all they can to destroy it from within. It's no surprise, then, to find them exulting so openly over their imminent success.

(Update: a biting satire of Hodges's article, by Iowahawk.)

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