Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trudeau: idiocy unto the second generation

An appalling article in the Canadian Press offers us the sorry sight of yet another Trudeau whelp looking for his fifteen minutes of fame: this time it is Alexandre, who is currently busy in print with defending his father's absymal record of sucking up to dictators and whitewashing gross human rights violations, especially when they took place in China. Trudeau Sr. praised Mao, the killer of millions, for bringing "a wonderful system to his people", and wrote a fulsome book of praise for the Communist regime in 1960. Trudeau fils, writing a preface for the new edition, not only makes no apologies for his old man's moral blindness but actually attempts to justify it using the most weaselly of evasions:
His attitude was, Canadian society is a great society. But that doesn't give it a right to impose its values on any other society... He had this revelation (in 1960) that the West is not only just a part of the world, it's maybe only a small part of the world, and we have this outlandish sense of righteousness.
Apparently, this is why Trudeau Sr. refused to condemn the massacre at Tiananmen Square: because who is to say that, like, killing unarmed protesters is wrong, y'know? Funny thing, though: for a moral relativist who believed that every society has its own set of values, Trudeau Sr. seemed very down on the West for its "righteousness". By his own standards, who was he to impose his values on the West? --Then again, how else except through such rationalizations was he to justify to himself his support for murderous tyrants such as Mao, Ceausescu, and Castro? Perhaps his relativism was not so much a matter of sincere conviction as it was a psychological defence mechanism to allow him to sleep at night.

Pierre Trudeau, whose humanitarian and economic records in office were both equally disgraceful, is not only not reviled for these things but is in fact revered to such an extent that Canadians are willing to give an audience to his sons on the basis of their surname alone. What a parcel of fools in a nation.

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