Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mindless in Gaza

As the civil war in the Gaza strip heats up, with Hamas and Fatah members assassinating each other in hospitals and flinging each other off rooftops -- or at least when they aren't busy firing off rockets into neighbouring Israel instead -- it's salutary to take a look back and remember how strongly Israel was encouraged before 2005 to vacate Gaza in the name of regional "peace". It's especially worth remembering it now that the hapless Ehud Olmert seems about to enter into talks with Syria aimed at giving back the Golan Heights. Let's see: ceding a strategic height on its border to an enemy state which has attacked Israel twice before and which to this day funds a terrorist army aimed at Israel's destruction -- what could possibly go wrong with that?

Senseless as it is, though, Olmert will continue to pursue the chimera of land- for- peace in the Middle East at the behest both of his idealistic American sponsors and of the baying anti- Zionists in the EU and the UN -- and all because of the antiquated and schoolmarmish notion that all you need to do to solve any conflict is to sit all the parties down and tie their shoelaces together until they reach an agreement. Not only is there no recognition of the assymetrical balance of aggression of this situation, i.e. of the fact that Israel is only entity in the region whose very existence is threatened on a daily basis, there always remains the fixed and unalterable prejudice amongst much of the so-called international community in favour of the Arabs. Against such a hopeless backdrop no real progress is ever going to be made, and it will be up to Israel to continue to find its own way forward as it has already done for the past sixty years.


Rajeev said...

What is sad is that Europe and many left wing types see Israel as the bogeyman in the region. I have had pretty heated discussions with people here (and then was told by my wife that if I continued, she wouldn't allow me to go to parties anymore, which has left the weather and fine German cars as my only recourse) and they all see Israel as the aggressor.

Yes Israel has the superior firepower and has one of the best intelligence serivices in the world but I'm often reminded of Thucydides who wrote that "of all manifestations of power, restraint impresses men most."

Israel has the power to do tremendous damage to those that torment it but it does not. I'm not sure that if the tables were turned and Syria or Iran were the local superpower, they would show the same restraint and yet we see signs at demonstrations in London saying "We are all Hezbollah now."

Europeans need to think about this again and wonder why they are anti-Israel. Could it be a form of latent anti-Semitism?

Rajeev said...

Latest in the escalating Hamas/Fatah conflict can be found here.

Many of those weapons supplied to Fatah as part of the Oslo agreement are now in the hands of Hamas. It doesn't take much imagination as to what these particular representatives of the religion of peace will do with them...