Friday, June 8, 2007

It's a funny old world

Quick quiz: which of the following statements is true?

a) Iran has threatened to annihilate Israel with its upcoming nuclear weapons;
b) Iran is arming both the Taliban and the insurgents in Iraq;
c) Syria and Iran are both re-arming Hezbollah in anticipation of the latter's next war with Israel;
d) The "moderate" Fatah faction of the Palestinian Authority will never recognize Israel, whatever Fatah leaders may or may not say in public; and
e) A majority of Europeans believe that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace.

(Answer: all of the above statements are true.)


Rajeev said...

They also believe George Bush is one of the biggest threats to world peace. Just shows you how distorted perceptions are.

Neil said...

Yes, and moreover they seem to imagine that W. is 1) a "moron" and 2) an evil fascist bent on world domination, and is both of these things at the very same time! This has to be a first in the history of the world: the notion that a Forrest Gump-type could become the next Hitler.