Thursday, June 7, 2007

The indomitable Hitchens

The brilliant polemicist Christopher Hitchens demolishes the warm and fuzzy relativist Chris Hedges at a debate in Berkeley. I'm not much given to hacker-speak, but the word "pwned" does spring to mind here. --The accompanying analysis on this website is also compelling: many on the Left have taken to defending religion out of a desire to appear tolerant of Islam, even though Islamic values are far more conservative than those of the fundamentalist Christians in the US who the Left have traditionally portrayed as theocrats and incipient fascists. Somebody has to point out this appalling hypocrisy, and nobody does it like Hitchens.


neo said...

You guys are right wing fascists. You've fallen for that capitalist neo-con bullshit - you're probably both fucking republican snots well we're going to whoop your ass next year.

'nuff said.

neo said...

yeah, fucking assholes - you're not going to publish my comment because you're afraid...suckaz!

Neil said...

dear Mr. "Neo",

I apologize for the delay in posting your comments -- as it happens I do have a life outside the computer. I'm pleased to be able to assure you that you're not nearly as frightening as you seem to think you are. Perhaps knowing this will give you the confidence to one day lead a life away from the computer as well.

By the use of the term "Republican" I assume you're from the US, but nobody contributing to this blog is American. I think it's a little insular to assume that the whole world is divided between GOPers and Dems, don't you? There's a great big planet out there with so many types of people on it: you should have a look sometime. Or -- to judge by your spelling, your language and obvious lack of reasoning skills -- perhaps you think education is merely for "suckaz"? (And what's with the spelling of that word, by the way? Are you pretending to be a "gangsta"?)

If you have any coherent points to make I will be happy to engage with you at the time or location of your choosing... until then I'm afraid I just can't quite seem to take you seriously. --All the best, though.