Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hezbollah, masters of irony

Has anybody else noticed that the recent carnage in Lebanon is attracting approximately zero attention or criticism from those folks who tried last summer to make Israel into an international pariah? How can we draw some Jews into this conflict so that the world will finally sit up and take notice? --That said, I am impressed by the decisive actions of the Lebanese Army, who in the past have behaved more like a Dad's Army adjunct to Hezbollah.

Speaking of Hezbollah: a UN Security Council inquiry into the assassination in early 2005 of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri is finally moving forward. Syria is widely thought to be behind this killing and others like it, but political pressure from pro-Syrian elements within Lebanon is being exerted to try to block the tribunal from presenting its findings. The murderous Hezbollah, which is beholden to its masters in Damascus and Tehran for support in its ongoing efforts to destroy democracy in Lebanon, has amusingly denounced this investigation as a violation of Lebanese sovereignty.

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