Monday, June 4, 2007

Gorbachev on the attack

Like a fading rock star, Gorbachev sometimes tries to make a comeback. This time, it is criticising the US for the current climate between Russia and America. Let's examine this shall we?

  • Russia has led a genocidal war against the Chechens leading to serious human rights violations such as rape, murder and torture. But surely we can't criticize Russia in case we disrupt our "friendly" relations with them.

  • A policy of assassination seems to be in effect against critics of the Russian government (the most publicised ones being the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko, and Anna Politkovskaya). Again, America is in the wrong for daring to imply that the Russian government is regressing back to it's totalitarian past.

  • The crackdown on free press and the jailing of dissidents. America is at fault again because quite obviously these dissidents are just American stooges and not Russian citizens who are concerned about the disappearance of civil rights in Russia.

  • Russia bullying and intimidating it's neighbours (Ukraine, Estonia and Georgia) and launching massive cyber attacks against Estonia. Damn those Americans - it's their fault again (I'll think of a reason don't worry).

  • Russia revamping its nuclear arsenal and replacing their SS-18 (Satan) and SS-19 (Stiletto) ICBM systems to overwhelm any anti-missile system in a complete reversal of the disarmament trend for the last 20 years. This, obviously, is American belligerence not Russian! It's Russia's sovereign right to nuke the West.

  • Using oil as a political weapon to cower Europe. It's only because America is making life so difficult for Mr. Putin. Damn those Americans! If Europe would just accept Russian hegemony and it's right to claim back those evil countries that dared part company from Mother Russia, there wouldn't be any problems.

It is obviously madness to criticize Russia - only crazed right-wing nutsoids would want to do that. And the Czech republic is a warmongering country allied to "The Empire" to want to station a missile detection radar system on their soil (never mind the brutal suppression of the nascent Czech democracy movement by the USSR in 1968) and it's obvious that Poland is just an American puppet.

Yeah Gorbachev. You hit the nail on its head. All this time I was thinking that Russia was a bully and an extortionist but you cleared this up for me. It's all down to the Yanquis.

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Neil said...

Does he still have that Mark of the Beast on his forehead? Perhaps he still has an outside chance of being the Antichrist (tho' for the moment Al Gore remains the solid favourite.)

More seriously, although this recent saber-rattling by Putin and Gorbachev carries on a centuries-long tradition of Russian imperial belligerence, we can at least take comfort from the fact that Russia's influence will continue to dramatically decline along with its plummeting birthrate.