Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Best of bloggers

A few of my favourites:

Language Hat. Exploring the quirks of the world's languages in a wonderfully dilettantish way.

100 Years Ago Today. News accounts from 1907 proving that there is, after all, not a damn thing new under the sun.

James Lileks. This man explores his (fairly average, suburban) life in exhaustive, mind- numbing detail every day, and yet somehow manages to call up enough wit and good sense to make it a compelling read.


Language said...

Thanks for the kind words! (But perhaps we have different ideas of the word dilettante; I think of it as meaning someone who, like William Safire, doesn't actually know what he's talking about, whereas I, with a master's degree in linguistics and a dozen years as a professional editor under my belt, can hardly be accused of that. I may be wrong, but I ain't no dabbler!)

Neil said...

Though it may have been the wrong word to use in this context, I assure you I meant only praise by "dilettante"! I intended something like the opposite of the German word Fachidiot, i.e. somebody who is so focussed on one subject alone that he is effectively a fool. Since you manage to incorporate literature, linguistics, history, psychology etc. into your discussions, your blog has an admirable breadth to it.

Language said...

Ah, that's all right then -- thanks for the explanation!