Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another buried story

Hamas opens fire on unarmed peace demonstrators, killing two and also killing two UN aid workers. This story was also reported in the Arab American News, so presumably it's not an Israeli fabrication -- why then can't it be found at major news outlets such as the BBC or the New York Times? Would the underwhelming reaction have been comparable had it been the Israel government shooting the peaceniks instead?

In related news, Jimmy Carter has called for increased support of Hamas, and is even upset that the brutal coup in Gaza has somehow failed to endear the organization to the rest of the world -- after all, he points out, Hamas's victory over Fatah highlighted their "superior skills and discipline"! And who could fail to admire superior skills when it comes to executing prisoners without trial? With every year that goes by it becomes more and more difficult to believe that this class-A idiot was ever leader of the free world.

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