Thursday, May 24, 2007

Has climate change affected you?

The BBC has finally decided to shut down it's long running Have your say forum "Has Climate Change Affected you?". Thank goodness for that. But as a study of human stupidity it stood alone. Here was one particularly block-headed comment from the forum:
Here we are in winter. BUT it was actually sunnier yesterday than today... what more proof do these subversive climate change deniers need? It should be a crime to deny climate change.

Aside from demonstrating his complete lack of understanding of the word "climate" and a few other things, has he ever come across the word thoughtcrime (or crimethink in newspeak)? Seems that the radical green is not above totalitarian impulses.

Talking about thought-crime. The treatment of Danish researcher Bjorn Lomborg suddenly springs to mind. Consider that reputable magazines such as Scientific American used headlines reading "Science defends itself against The Skeptical Environmentalist". Reading that particular issue, we find statements like:
And who is Lomborg, I wondered, and why haven't I come across him at any of the meetings where the usual suspects debate costs, benefits, extinction rates, carrying capacity or cloud feedback? I couldn't recall reading any scientific or policy contributions from him either.
Logical fallacies pour out of that statement like water from a melting iceberg. Not to mention it strikes me as a wee bit snotty.

Climate change has become a religion unto itself. When singers like Sheryl Crowe go around making recommendations about toilet paper use in the name of climate change, I think it's time to convert (and don't shake her hand on the way out).

Back to that tedious forum on the BBC. I did see a glimmer of hope:
We need to be careful and make sure that the response of our politicians is balanced. The science of climate change is still far from firmly established and there are still plenty of open questions. If we go too far, we risk compromising other worthwhile causes such as fighting global poverty and malaria etc. for a threat that may not materialize.
But it was not enough to make me feel that the forum's time hadn't come. RIP.

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Icarus said...

Yes, climate change has become a religion, and a dangerous one too. The phrase 'climate change' reeks of ignorance. It's as if the climate does not change at all naturally. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of people who can think independently and are brave enough to publicly come out with their stance. So I guess anthropogenic climate change is here to stay - until billions of dollars and years later, when it is proven untrue.