Friday, May 25, 2007

Do your bit for global warming.

There's a little town called Illussat in Greenland that's positively thriving as a result of global warming - retreating glaciers have exposed minerals to be mined, eco-tourism is up and unemployment in Illussat is zero. Just makes you wonder what the other positive side effects of global warming are and whether they will cancel the negative ones. Just think - a longer growing season, the Northwest Passage opening up for trade for the first time in yonks, larger areas of Siberia and Canada opening up for human habitation and also the chance that we may be forestalling the next ice age. You can read more about Illussat here.


Neil said...

But, to be fair, the north's gain may well be the south's loss; as northern habitats become more livable due to global warming, southern ones could become rather less so. Gregg Easterbrook had an interesting piece in the "Atlantic" recently about this, which you can look up online if you Google "atlantic global warming loses wins" (it should be the first result returned).

Rajeev said...

I read something similar recently. But then again, climate modeling is far from certain. And my point is that with any major change there are winners and losers but are we going to see a net gain or a net loss or will it all end up balancing out?
I haven't seen a really convincing answer either way but politicians seems hell bent on adding carbon taxes anyway (wonder what they will do with all that money?)