Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Cherchez le Juif"

Headline in today's Guardian: Norway to Give Palestinians Direct Aid.

Let's hope that Hamas spends at least some of that money on improving the range and accuracy of those "home-made" Kassam rockets of theirs. Only twelve Israeli civilian deaths in six years? Come on! Here's a few kroner to improve your marksmanship. If you need to practice on Fatah headquarters first, that's fine.

The other day I heard a BBC Radio journalist helpfully explain the current internecine conflict in Gaza, which has caused dozens of deaths, as the result of "internal and external pressures" such as overcrowding, sanctions and Israel's withholding of tax revenues from the Palestinian Authority.

Now every anthropologist knows that if you put too many monkeys in a cage they will go mad (or "apeshit", if you like) and start to crack each other's heads open. And I've no doubt that it's difficult for the average Gazan to get much sleep or peaceful meditation with all the chanting and gun-firing and ululating that goes on in his backyard. But the funny thing is, many people in the world live cheek-by-jowl with their neighbours without acting on the desire to kill them in large numbers. In Hong Kong, for example, they somehow manage to cope with a population density that is twice that of the Gaza Strip. (In Macau, the density is about seven times greater than Gaza). Perhaps the difference is that Hong Kong and Macau are not overrun with armed, power- hungry fanatics? Just a thought.

As for sanctions, who'd have thought they'd have such a bad reputation when, after all, they worked so well against South Africa? (Or were those a different kind of sanctions?) But even if the Palestinians were in fact being impoverished by a lack of international aid, it's far from clear that the best way of coping with that is to start massacring each other. Selling off a few of their guns would be much a better start. They could also make their budget go further by cancelling that television show featuring Farfur the Genocidal Jew-Hating Mouse, but perhaps I'm just being heartless there -- the children love him!

Meanwhile, the tightfisted Israelis have decided that they don't want to send any more money to an entity which has, as its very reason for being, the destruction of Israel, and this apparently is yet another reason why Fatah and Hamas are currently staging their local version of the Hatfields and the McCoys. Well, that sounds logical enough. Just the other day I asked my neighbour, who I've been threatening to kill for years, for a loan of twenty bucks, and when he refused I was so angry I went home and kicked my dog. We've all been there.

Perhaps one can best summarize the BBC's view of the Middle East using the words of T.S. Eliot: "The Jew is underneath the lot."

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