Thursday, May 24, 2007


Beauty comes in many forms but for me I came across purest beauty when I finally understood what Maxwell's equations were about. In 4 equations, Maxwell showed electricity and magnetism were part of the same force.

The first equation says that an electrical field diverges from an electrical charge, the second equation says that magnetic monopoles aren't possible and that the Coulomb force exists between the two poles, the third equation says that if the magnetic field changes then it will produce an electrical field (like inducing a current induced in a wire by using a moving magnet), and the fourth equation says that a moving electrical field or current will produce a magnetic field.

That's it. If you understand those four statements, you understand electromagnetism. From these 4 equations, much of our century was founded. From these came electrical generators, light bulbs, transistors, and computers. How could anything be more beautiful than that?

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